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Townsville Regional Committee on the Ageing, better known as TRCOTA, was formed in 1973 to promote the interests of seniors in the Townsville Region.
A Chapter of the Council of the Ageing QLD Inc, Townsville Regional Committee on the Ageing has supported the interests of Seniors for 40years, taking your views to all levels of Government and the community to ensure your needs are met.
To achieve change we need you to, not only take an interest in what is happening around you, but to talk to us so we can advocate on your behalf.
I invite you to become a member of TRCOTA. To join us go to the Membership page or contact us with any questions thru our Contact Us
Vicki Trevanion 


Mission Statement
Our Mission is to protect and Promote the wellbeing of all older people in out geographical area. To this end we aim to mobilise older people and those who work with them. Goverment and Community, towards achieving well-being and social justice for Older People.

How Does TRCOTA Work?
TRCOTA is a volunteer organisation with excutive members attending various Community Groups, agencies of Government and private sector organisations to network and advocate on behalf of the needs, rights and interests of older people.

For example, TRCOTA may approach a supermarket regarding lighting of an exit to a car park at night, or as was the case some years ago, in approaching the Council to provide a bus stop in Elizabeth Street when Stocklands Shopping Centre expanded.

TRCOTA promotes a engages in research of matters concerning older people in order to provide creditable argument for change to the relevant decision makers and the community in general.

As a member of TRCOTA you are invited to attend monthly meetings and voice your concerns. You will also receive "Voice of Seniors" a bi monthly newsletter with useful details of Various matters Concerning our older generation.