What Has TRCOTA Achieved?

TOTTS (NQ community Transport), now operationg as a separate not for profit organisation offering seniors and the disadvantaged an economic choice of transport, was an initative of TRCOTA.
GINO's the organisation supporting Grandparents who raise Grandchildren is another initiative operating under the auspices of TRCOTA.
The Seniors Legal and Support Service, a Queensland wide service offering legal and support services to older people experiencing financial exploitation and or abuse was also an initiative of TRCOTA.
TRCOTA was responsible for the formation of Alzheimers Australia North Queensland Inc.
TRCOTA was also responsible for many years for coordinating the activities of Seniors Week in the Townsville Region.
These are some of the major initiatives of TRCOTA, but this organisation also works in a much more personal basis, helping individuals with options,advice and support in various areas from something as simple as what Council department to contact regarding mowing your lawn or taking up a case of unacceptable practice by a Retirement Village.